Store history, begin with yourself!
Invaluable acquisition for your family - knowledge of the roots. Whoever were your ancestors - noblemen or peasants, merchants, petty bourgeoises or soldiers. A valuable present for the person with family values - as your patrimonial name, what its historical and cultural roots was formed.
Not any person knows how call his great-grandmother or the great-grandfather. And all the matter is that his ancestors had no opportunity or desire to make a family tree. But we will be cleverer and we will provide to descendants all information necessary to them.
And you will be helped with it by the Family Tree of a Family program. You can issue on your taste information which is stored in your family archive or memory of your relatives in the form of a family tree, a family album.
The program will remind you of the forthcoming Birthday your family member or the relative in advance.
Description of the program
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The program is intended for preservation of history and creation of a family tree of a family. With its help you will create the detailed list of family members, will add their biographies, a photo and video materials. The program is simple and easy in development.
Functions of the program:
  •  drawing up biography of each family member;
  •  preservation of history of a family;
  •  creation of a general family tree;
  •  creation of a personal genealogical branch;
  •  drawing up a generation list;
  •  drawing up the general and personal photo album of a family;
  •  drawing up the general and personal videoarchive of a family;
  •  storage of copies of documents;
  •  Archiving and razarkhivirovaniye in ZIP;
  •  Export/import of GEDCOM.

  • genealogy tree family sort father mother son daughter grandmother grandfather brother sister husband wife

    Names and Surnames

    The Names list - value of a name, female names, secret of a name, man's names, compatibility of names, sexuality, a name means, the origin of names, interpretation of a name, name history, names of girls, a name of boys, full names, library of names, middle name names, a name means, a horoscope of names, a calendar of names, the translation of a name.


    The Surnames list - the origin of surnames, history of surnames, value of a surname, from where a surname, a surname means, surnames interpretation, etymology of surnames, the analysis of a surname, surname origin history, roots of surnames, from where occurred surnames, a family tree of surnames, secret of a surname.

    The list of Surnames alphabetically - 352165 surnames

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    Selection of reference information for the beginning genealogists and not only.
    Ancient maps of the Russian Empire and World.
    Lists of the occupied places of Russia.
    Pistsovy books, Revizsky fairy tales, Population census.
    Books on stories of districts, cities and villages. Stories of families.
    Archives of Russia. Federal archives. Subjects of the Russian Federation. Databases.
    References to the Russian and foreign sites devoted to genealogy.
    Useful information.
    Useful articles.
    History of Russia.

    Churches and Temples of Russia

    The base of churches and temples of Russia collected from various sources.

    Graduates of spiritual schools and seminaries.


    The base of offices and archives of REGISTRY OFFICES collected from various sources.

    Services in drawing up a family tree

    I offer the help in genealogical researches. My work - information search about all your immediate ancestors in the state and departmental archives, museums of local lore, libraries and other organizations where it can be. Search begins with interviewing you and your relatives and is conducted on literary and archival sources.

    Other my programs
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    The DBS multidatabase - the program is intended for work with DBS, DBF, DB, XML, CSV databases.
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    The Brownie program is intended for automation of the house or office. Functions of the program:
    the daily log with a voice reminder; list of tasks of projects; the list of contacts on categories; a remote control devices in the house by phone; phone with an answering machine; the fax with an answering machine; IP videotelephone.

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