Automate the house!
I suggest you to place the advertizing in the Clever Brownie program and on the page of the program, for advertizing and promotion of your activities for automation of houses and cottages. I will consider your offers.
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Description of the program

- The clever brownie -

- The Brownie -

- Version 3.0 Build 190809 -

To download the brownie.exe program
(4455 Kb)
To download the program
(4433 Kb)

The program is intended for automation of the house or office. The program has the clear and convenient interface.

Functions of the program:

  • the daily log with a voice reminder;
  • list of tasks of projects;
  • the list of contacts on categories;
  • remote control devices in the house by phone;
  • phone with an answering machine;
  • the fax with an answering machine;
  • work with e-mail on the e-mail server;
  • ICQ pager;
  • IP videotelephone;
  • audio and video musical player;
  • Internet Radio;
  • USB video camera.

    Personal information in the program can be ciphered and protected the password.

    To start work with the program it is necessary to establish a free ActiveX-component under the name Microsoft Direct Text-to-Speech (if the program is not started).
    It can be downloaded from the site Misrosft or here.
    And also free sound cursor (man's and female voice)

    Study the user's guide and it will become clear to you how to work with the program.
  • The clever house (Smart House) - the modern house equipped with the latest high-tech devices. All electrical household appliances are united in the "clever" house in a uniform home network.
    Abroad the system "Clever houses" is widespread, gradually gains popularity and in our country.
    "The clever house" has a number of advantages: allows to save to 10-18% of the electric power, to increase comfort and safety, etc.
    What is the "clever" house?
    First of all, it is the automatic systems which are built in the house. In submission of the clever house heating, power supply, lighting, water supply, ventilation, electric drives, etc. It is tremendous as you will be able without efforts and special knowledge to operate at once all devices in your house by means of the touch panel.
    In "the clever house" various systems work in coordination. For example, if at you the window is opened, the conditioner will not begin to work or if the stranger got into the yard, light at once lights up.
    The engineering equipment in "the clever house" starts working independently. For example, conditioners, heat-insulated floors establish necessary parameters of work for support of the necessary temperature.
    And still, in the "clever" house there are programs working with the whole system that is when pressing one button there is any set of actions in the house. For example, when you leave, press the button "anybody is not present", and water is blocked, the light is turned off, climate control works at economy mode.
    The principle of work of the "clever" house consists in the central computer accepting signals from command devices, then these signals are transmitted to executive systems. Control more of the 250th various devices is exercised the simplest system of automatic equipment.
    And if you want to create a romantic situation in the house, and here you will be helped by "the clever house". For this purpose you need to call only home from the cell phone and imagine this tempting picture: You are going to enter the house, and before you the door is opened, music quietly sounds, the heat bath foams:
    The "clever" house is a keeper of your center. It will be possible to feed a dog or to close a window leaf from any country of the world. At departure, you put "the program of safety" which creates visibility of your presence.
    The "clever" house, automatically carrying out routine daily operations, protects strengths of the owners, creating it comfort, saving the budget, safeguarding.

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