My interest in history of my ancestors arose in the childhood from stories of the grandfather on mother and family legends. On family legends, the father of the grandfather was disinherited as married the girl from a poor family against the will of the father (as I found out later, the father of the grandfather married the Old Believer's daughter). Showed me the stone house in the center of Sverdlovsk which allegedly when that belonged to the great-great-grandfather. But this interest in history of my family further, than stories of relatives did not go.

In 2000 I decided to begin "investigation" of history of the family after all. Collected as much as possible information at the relatives who that knows what documents remained. It became clear that information is inconsistent. Documents remained very little and it is necessary to go to archives, to dig, dig and dig... Began naturally with Sverdovsky archive.

On the direct surname it became clear that all my ancestors lived in the Perm province in the village of Peremskoye (Perm). Still two floor house of the great-grandfather remained (the truth it already fairly grew into the earth and there live there absolutely strangers). The history of a family of Konyukhova managed to be tracked since XVIII century.

By the name of Bobyliov faced an unexpected predpyatstviye (then I did not know yet how remained historical documents and books a little). The great-great-grandfather married the Old Believer's daughter. Registers of births of church to which my grandfather and his brother had to be christened did not remain. Addressed to attendants of a cult to learn where there was this church. But they further the arrival anybody knows nothing. Did not remain also registers of births official churches for the necessary years. I.e. deadlock. Fortunately the historian-genealogist Oksana Korneva prompted that in regional library Simanov I.I. book remained. "City of Yekaterinburg"-1889 years. I found Bobylev Petr Aleksandrovich in it, mjshch. - Small Moving down, 4 (C, 1879) (Suksunsky plants - the wooden one-storeyed house, a bath and a barn) Besides, I found the address in library calendars "All Ekaterinuburg" the beginnings of the 20th eyelid. I found in them:
- In 1903 the workshop was on Tikhvinskaya St., 1 (from the reference book "Weigh Ekaterinuburg" of 1903);
- In 1912 the workshop was on Usoltsevskaya St. (from the reference book "Weigh Ekaterinuburg" of 1912) (Bobyliov P. A. and Bratukhin N. A.).
That met with family legends, was passed by the joiner, and the great-grandmother the seamstress.

In Simanov I.I. book. "The city of Yekaterinburg I found information about Bobyliova Aleksandra Aleksandrovna:
- The bourgeois - the stone three-storeyed house, services a bath owned the house of Kolobovskaya St., 31 (nowadays Tolmacheva); candy store. (from Simanov I.I. book. "City of Yekaterinburg"-1889 years)
- 1903. Bakeries and candy stores, Verigo - Kolobovskaya, 31 (from the reference book on house owners "All Yekaterinburg" 1903)
- 1912 Bobyliova sold the house on Kolobovskaya and bought the house of Kuznichnaya St., 78 (from the reference book on house owners "All Yekaterinburg" 1912)
More Bobyliov in the city of Yekaterinburg was not. Spoke to me that the great-grandfather had very rich relative. Judging by that that middle names coincided, this is the brother and the sister.

Bobyliov Alexander Fadeevich found the great-grandfather:
- from 1893 to 1909, the petty bourgeois, the manager of Shaytansky plant of the countess N. A. Stenbok-Fermon (from the Address calendar and the memorable book of the Perm province 1893-1909gg.)
- with. on 1892 the petty bourgeois, the inspector of Neyvorudyansky plant of the countess N. A. Stenbok-Fermon (from the Address calendar and the memorable book of the Perm province 1893-1909gg.)
Where he was born or from where arrived while it was not succeeded to find. Found only in archive the thick folder with complaints of workers of plant to it. Esteemed her. Alcoholism, theft, etc. Judging by Mamin-Siberyaka's book then many so lived. Russia does not change.

All these data indirect. It was not succeeded to find direct documents. But as other Bobyliov in Yekaterinburg were not, with a high probability it is possible to tell that it is my ancestors on the grandfather (mother's father). The grandfather had a brother Bobyliov Ivan Petrovich - the jeweler is written down in the Imperial book. Had two daughters.

Rod Proskuryakovy was succeeded to restore since 1798. Proskuryakov Varfolomey convict. His descendants the rural inhabitants, petty bourgeoises operating mines.

Permyakova - peasants of Sysertsky plant. Moved to Yekaterinburg - handicraftsmen. I restored this line since 1764.

The main surnames on which searches are conducted it is Konyukhova, Bobyliov, Proskuryakova and Permyakova.


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