1. Genealogical Anthology. (From experience of creation of a family tree)
      (I. V. Bronnikov (Kola Rodoslovets. Vyp. I, 2000))

    2. Where your roots?
      Grant on drawing up a family tree

    3. Assembly records as source of genealogical information
      (forms of documents for the address to the REGISTRY OFFICE)

    4. All-Russian population census of 1917
      (Rosits Bakalov under the editorship of Litera Ru)

    5. All-Russian population census of 1897
      (Rosits Bakalov under the editorship of Litera Ru)

    6. Census books of 1710
      (Arzamas district, Arkhangelsk district, Velikiye Luki district, Verkhotursky district, Vladimir district, Vyatka (Hlynovsky) district Yelets district, Efremovsky district, Kashinsky district, Klin district, Kolomna district, Kursk district, Novgorod district, Novooskolsky district, Pskov district, Pustorzhevsky district, Rzhev district, Romanovsky district, Ruzsky district, Ryazan district, Sevsky district, Solikamsk district, Tver district, Tobolsk district, Toropetsky and Holmsky districts, Turin district, Cherdynsky district, Yaroslavl district)

    7. Census books of 1710
      (Dobrensky district, Troitsk jail and district, City of Chernavsk and district, Shatsky district, Zamokshsky camp, Borisoglebsk camp, Arkhangelsk reference, Belozersky district, Belozersky district, Solivychegodsky district, Charondsky district, Arzamas district, Kazan district: palace ancestral lands, Kazan district: Arskaya is dear: Osinsky Nikolsky settlement, Patriarchal, metropolitan and monastic ancestral lands, Knyagininsky palace volost, Urzhumsky district: palace ancestral lands, Tsarevokokshaysky district: palace ancestral lands, Yaransky district: palace ancestral lands, City of Kroma and district, Kursk reference, City of Dmitrov, Kostroma district: Lyubimsky siege, Kostroma district: Buyskaya and Okologodnaya of a siege, Moscow district, Ryazan reference, Ryazan district: Old Ryazan camp, Suzdal district: Opolsky camp, Bezhetsky district of census of L. A. Likhachev, Bezhetsky district of census of the prince F.B.Nerytsky, Bezhetsky district of census of S. M. Ushakov, Velikolutsky district, Velikolutsky district, Kashinsky district, Bezhetsky pyatina: Belozersky half, Bezhetsky pyatina, Votsky pyatina: Korelsky half, Votsky pyatina: Polussky half, Derevsky pyatina: Zhikhareva Ryabchikov's half, Derevsky pyatina: Grigorieva Morozov's half, Obonezhsky pyatina: Zaonezhsky half, Obonezhsky pyatina: Mountain half, Rzhev district (perechnevy book), Romanovsky district, Redneck district: Gorinsky volost, Redneck district (perechnevy book), Tver district, Novotorzhsky district, Yaroslavl district: Ukhorsky volost; Sluzhnya camp, Yaroslavl district, Yaroslavl district: Zakotorozhsky camp, Smolensk district: hierarchal, monastic and church ancestral lands, the Verkhotursky district, the Hlynovsky district, the Kotelnichesky district, the Oryol district, Suburban the district, the Shestakovsky district, the Karinsky volost, the Yenisei district, the Kaygorodsky district, the Ketsky jail with the district, the Pelymsky district, the Narymsky district, Tobolsk: city, Tobolsk district of census of S. U. Remezov, Tobolsk district of census And. Tomilova, Tobolsk district of census of A.I. Parfentyev, Tobolsk district of census of V. S. Tursky, Tobolsk district of census of F. Protopopov, Turinsk: city and district, Solikamsk: city and district, Solikamsk district: ancestral lands of the Pyskorsky monastery, Solikamsk district: ancestral lands G.D.Stroganova, Solikamsk district: ancestral lands G.D.Stroganova, Cherdyn: city and district)

    8. Here stories of the last years, the Russian land who began the first to reign in Kiev and as there was a Russian land from where went
      ("The story of temporary years" - the earliest of the annalistic arches which reached us. Treats the beginning to the XII century)

    9. Cultural heritage of Western Siberia. Safronov Vyacheslav Yuryevich
      (A grant on studying of history of development of Western Siberia for the highest and average educational institutions.)
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