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System of macros of language assembler

The system of macros allows to write programs in habitual syntax of language of high level and does texts of programs by more transparent for reading and perception. The system is developed for compilers from language of the TASM-2.5 and MASM-5.0 assembler. Represents struktuirovanny language of high level which can be used for writing of programs of any size and any appointment. Raschitano on the programmer of the programming which already have experience in assembler language.

For example here code of the unpretentious program of a database, accounting of arrival and expense of money

The short description of the main files in archive:
MSYSTEM.MAC This file contains actually system of macros.
MSYSTEM.DOC Is the file of documentation on system of macros.
MMACROS.MAC This file contains additional useful macrodefinitions.
MBIOS.MAC This file contains macrodefinitions for IBM-PC BIOS.
MDOS.MAC This file contains macrodefinitions for IBM-PC DOS.
Files * .ASM These files contain examples of the programs written in system of macros.

For installation in system copy surely the MSYSTEM.MAC file, and other files - at your discretion. For successful programming in system of macros it is recommended to examine the management and actually the system of macros containing in the MSYSTEM.MAC file in details.
Remember that the assembler of mistakes does not understand and everything depends only on you.
Whatever was your approach - progress!!!

To download system of macros of msystem.zip (411 Kb).

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