• N. M. Karamzin. History of the state Russian.
  • N. M. Karamzin. A note about ancient and new Russia.
  • S. M. Solovyov. History of Russia since the most ancient times.
  • S. M. Solovyov. The educational book on the Russian history.
  • S. M. Solovyov. Emperor Alexander I. Policy and diplomacy.
  • S. M. Solovyov. Petrovsky readings.
  • List of reignings on volosts
    B.D.'s Greeks Kievan Rus'
    Klyuchevsky V. O. Kurs of the Russian history
  • Chronicles of 1535
  • Chronicles of 1562
  • Chronicles of 1568
  • Chronicles of 1573
  • S. A. Pletneva. Khazars.
  • Tarle E.V. Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov - the commander and the diplomat.
  • Tarle E.V. Admiral Ushakov on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Tarle E.V. Borodino.
  • Tarle E.V. Vzyatiye of the Bastille.
  • Tarle E.V. Napoleon.
  • Tarle E.V. Pavel Stepanovich Nakhimov.
  • Tarle E.V. The preface to Taleyran's memoirs.
  • Tarle E.V. Sozdatel of paper money.
  • Tarle E.V. Chesmensky fight and first Russian expedition to the Archipelago.
  • Tarle E.V. Expedition of the admiral Senyavin to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • D.I.Ilovaysky. The beginning of Russia ("Investigations about the beginning of Russia. Instead of introduction to the Russian history")
    Birnbaum H. Obshcheslavyansky language.
    Brachev In Masons in Russia, from Peter I up to now.
  • D.S.Likhachev. Gradozashchitny semantics of uspensky temples in Russia.
  • D.S.Likhachev. Story of temporary years.
  • Dzhiovanni del Plano Carpini. History of Mongols.
    Domestic tyranny.
    Ancient Russian history.
    Spiritual testament of Ivan Danilovich Kalita.
    The story about a razzoreniye of Ryazan Batyem.
    The story about standing on Ugra.
    B.A.Rybakov. First centuries of the Russian history.
  • A.N sugars. Alexander I and Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • A.N sugars. Diplomacy of Ancient Russia.
  • A.N sugars. Svyatoslav's diplomacy.
  • A.N sugars. Historical portraits. 1613-1762gg.
  • A.N sugars. Historical portraits. 1762-1917gg.
  • Cathedral Code of 1649.
    Grigory Kotoshikhin's composition On Russia in Alexey Mikhaylovich's reign.
    Decree on a position of the Senate.
    Decree on establishment of provinces of 1708.
    The decree on establishment of the Ruling Senate.
    The charter about heritage of a throne.

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