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About genealogical research



______ ____________ 200 __


Grooms Dmitry Leonidovich called further - the EXECUTOR, on the one hand, and _____________________________________, called further - the CUSTOMER, on the other hand, and together called - the Parties, have concluded the present Contract as follows:




1.1. A subject of the present contract is family tree research:


(To specify ФИО and quantity of lines)

On four family lines _____________________________________________



1.2. The purpose of genealogical research (family tree research) is reception of the genealogical information (the information on places and dates of birth of ancestors) on the greatest possible depth of genealogical search, or reception of the information on absence of sources of the genealogical information ("the List of sources of the genealogical information" see in the Appendix №1 to the present contract), or reception of the information on absence of the genealogical information interesting us in available sources.




2.1. The EXECUTOR undertakes:

2.1.1. To spend genealogical interviewing of relatives and search of the genealogical information in archival sources through the organisation of correspondence with archives or work of representatives of the EXECUTOR on places.

2.1.2. To systematise the found information in following genealogical forms (listings in the genealogical program "Legacy"):

• the diagramme of sorts (an ascending family tree);

• a family tree (a descending family tree);

• поколенная a list;

• a card file of surnames.

2.1.3. To transfer to the CUSTOMER all volume, the documents received during research works and materials (inquiries from archives, x-copies, digital photos of documents).

2.2. The parties establish accounting terms of works according to terms взаиморасчетов, specified in item 4.3. The present Contract.

2.2.1. In accounting terms the EXECUTOR undertakes to give to the CUSTOMER specified (with inclusion of the found genealogical data on ancestors) listing of the genealogical forms specified in item 2.1.2.

2.2.2. In accounting terms the EXECUTOR undertakes to give to the CUSTOMER archival inquiries and the copies of documents received from archives (or references to archival documents).

2.2.3. In accounting terms the EXECUTOR undertakes to give to the CUSTOMER the written report reflecting a course of research.

2.2.4. At the final stage the family tree of the CUSTOMER is made out in a frame under glass, and all received genealogical information and the information on a search course gathers in the uniform description.

2.3. The CUSTOMER undertakes:

2.3.1. To give to the EXECUTOR the authentic initial information: ФИО, birth dates and birth places of ancestors (born till 1917), and also as far as possible any another, necessity in which arises on a course of carrying out of research. In case of distortion of the initial information Contract execution can be tightened for uncertain time.

2.3.2. To give the initial information in time, not exceeding one month from the moment of the introduction of the contract into force. In case of excess of this term the term of a contract is transferred for time equal to this excess.

2.3.3. In due time to pay the fee of the EXECUTOR at each investigation phase.

2.3.4. To pay current archival expenses in process of receipt of accounts from archives or performance of search works by representatives of the EXECUTOR on places.

2.4. The parties undertake:

2.4.1. Not to disclose the information recognised as the Parties, or one of the Parties confidential until other will not be co-ordinated by the Parties.

2.4.2. Not to cause a damage to property and non-property interests of the Parties of the present Contract.

2.4.3. Not to transfer the right and a duty under the present Contract to the third parties.




3.1. In case of default or inadequate execution of obligations under the present contract of the Party bear responsibility according to the current legislation.

3.2. In case of occurrence of disputes between the parties concerning execution of the present contract, the Party will take all measures for their permission by negotiations.

3.3. Disagreements on which the Parties will not agree, are resolved in the order established by the law.




4.1. Cost of works of the EXECUTOR develops of two parts:

4.1.1. The size of the fee for the organisation of genealogical research and performance of the works specified in subitem 2.1 and 2.2 present Contracts.

4.1.2. The size of the additional operational expenditure connected with the organisation and performance of works which depend on direct work in archives, libraries and other organisations where there can be an information interesting the Party. Chances of the operational expenditure are specified in subitem 4.4. (The total sum of the additional operational expenditure can make from 400 to 1500 euros).

4.2. The fee of the EXECUTOR of the Party have defined in size: 3500 c.u., including the VAT.

4.3. The payment form: cash / transfer to the settlement account of the EXECUTOR
(Unnecessary to cross out)

Terms взаиморасчетов:

The first payment:   "______" 200 __ – 1250 c.u.

1st accounting term: "______" 200 __ – 750 c.u.

2nd accounting term: "______" 200 __ – 750 c.u.

3rd accounting term: "______" 200 __ – 750 c.u.

4th accounting term: "______" 200 __ – work delivery

4.4. All expenses, over specified in item 4.2., connected with attraction of additional resources for reception of the genealogical information, the CUSTOMER pays in addition. Possible variants of the operational expenditure: payment of work of archive (preparation of archival inquiries and x-copies of documents), in addition employed special workers (in case of need the organisations of independent work in archive or library), business trips of the expert, services in transfer of documents on foreign languages etc.

4.5. Cost of works of the Party is specified in standard units by) (c.u.). 1 c.u. is equal 1 euros Calculations are made in roubles on a current rate of the Central Bank at date of payment.




5.1 Period of validity of the Contract 1 year with ____ __________ 200_
On ____ _________ 200_

5.2. The contract comes into force from the moment of reception by the EXECUTOR of 1st payment.

5.3. In the accounting terms specified in item 4.3. The present Contract, the Party fix the executed volume of researches in corresponding Reports and Appendices. Contract closing is fixed in the Certificate of delivery-taking-over of works.

5.4. The contract is considered executed in full if at least one of family lines of the CUSTOMER is restored to a XVII-th century. Thus on other family lines search can break (owing to absence of sources or data in them–) the Appendix see smaller depth, and at possibility to continue search at least on one family line – research proceeds.

5.5. Change of period of validity of the Contract. As agreed term of the accounting periods and entering of an instalment by the CUSTOMER can be transferred (is increased, reduced, combined).

5.5.1. In case of absence of access to sources contract period of validity is prolonged till the moment of reception of this access.

5.5.2. At a delay of payment of an instalment from outside the CUSTOMER the validity stops.

5.5.3. At the coordination of last accounting term Contract period of validity can be prolonged till the moment of the termination of process of genealogical research.

5.6. At all specified changes of terms of the accounting periods and Contract period of validity, and also at preschedule performance of the Contract the size of the fee of the EXECUTOR does not change.




6.1. In case of a preschedule termination of the contract at the initiative of the EXECUTOR, it returns to the CUSTOMER the received money minus actually suffered expenses proportional to spent working hours, and also payments of the archival documents, in addition employed workers, special business trips and so forth

6.2. In case of a preschedule termination of the contract at the initiative of the CUSTOMER, the EXECUTOR does not return to the CUSTOMER the money received by it for ordered works.



7.1. All Appendices, Additions and changes under the present contract are made under the agreement of parties and are valid under condition of their fulfilment in writing.

7.2. The present contract is made in duplicate – on one for each of the Parties.




The address:

Phone / Е a mail:

Nameplate data:


_______________________  (              )



Kojuhov Dmitry Leonidovich
The address: 620023, Ekaterinburg, p.o. 65

Phone / Е a mail:

Nameplate data:


_______________________  (Grooms Д.Л.)

Bank requisites: in Open Society Bank "Northern Treasury" of Ekaterinburg, the R/account: 40817810700000632969, To/account: 30101810100000000854, БИК 046551854, a bank INN: 6608007160, a bank check point: 667101001


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