List of search servers
List - enough known search service, base
Radar Of The Net
Rambler - also uses for a ranging assessment
Rambler (for a fee) http://top100
Refer.Ru - the machine, quite interesting in the past
Russia On The Net
Yandex - the most popular search service of Russia
Yandex. Catalog (free of charge)
Yandex. Catalog (for a fee)
Aport - the oldest search engine
- too not too aging Nigm a search engine
GoGo - rather new searcher
Runet cream - it is unclear that such
Metaua - the Ukrainian searcher action=add
Turtle - the searcher for audience of the CIS countries
AltaVista - the oldest multilanguage service.
AOL Search - meta - a search engine
AskJeeves - the system which is also based on meta - on
Direct Hit
FAST Search
Google - the largest search engine of the world. continue =/addurl
HotBot - the oldest searcher.
MSN Search - the searcher of the Microsoft company
Netscape Search - system poisky in the form of the module from
Northern Light
Open Directory - the catalog with own system on
Yahoo! - a search engine - the competitor of Google.

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