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 The geographical Atlas of the Russian empire. A cover.
 Kingdoms Polish and Grand duchy Finnish, located on provinces
750x759 91549
 The geographical Atlas of the Russian empire. The list of cards 1486x1504 414299
 General card of a kingdom Polish 5816x4856 4612843
 General card of Podolsk province 5604x4848 4108496
 General card of the Volynsk province 5732x4860 4368218
 General card of the Grodno province of Belostoksky area 5636x4848 4640823
 General card of Vilensky province 5820x4852 4713578
 General card of Kurljandsky province 5819x4853 4441182
 General card of Lifljandsky province 5796x4863 4675926
 General card of Estljandsky province 5800x4847 4022413
 General card of Sanktpeterburgsky province 5768x4840 4719125
 General card of the Pskov province 5736x4828 4512655
 General card of Vitebsk province 5736x4836 4226802
 General card of the Minsk province 5740x4856 4786944
 General card of the Mogilyov province 5716x4836 4233298
 General card of the Kiev province 5740x4852 4707439
 General card Bessarabsky areas 5744x4848 4592254
 General card of province Hersonkoj 5752x4848 4601452
 General card of the Novgorod province 5768x4868 4694221
 General card of the Tver province 5776x4871 4326983
 General card of the Moscow province 5792x4864 4742592
 General card of Smolensk province 5744x4841 4422042
 General card of the Chernigov province 5808x4860 4736161
 General card of the Poltava province 5804x4860 4211255
 General card of the Kharkov province 5804x4863 4370161
 General card of Ekaterinoslavsky province 5784x4860 4495253
 General card of Taurian province 5780x4856 4450439
 General card of Kursk province 5764x4860 4809147
 General card of the Oryol province 5748x4852 4997979
 General card of the Kaluga province 5744x4852 4803789
 General card of the Tula province 5756x4848 4463179
 General card of the Yaroslavl province 5744x4852 4934259
 General card of Kostroma province 5756x4856 4620367
 General card of the Ryazan province 5760x4864 4524884
 General card of the Tambov province 5764x4848 5061682
 General card of the Voronezh province 5764x4848 5529119
 General card of Vjatsky province 5780x4860 5177005
 General card of the Penza province 5776x4856 5050832
 General card of the Kazan province 5744x4864 5480085
 General card of Simbirsk province 5736x4852 4844103
 General card of the Saratov province 5760x4892 4705916
 General card of the Earth of the Army Don 5808x4880 5159745
 General card of the Astrakhan province 5796x4876 4266698
 General card Kavkazkoj of area and the earths of the mountain people 5756x4872 5273202
 General card of Georgia 5748x4872 5069083
 General card of Olonetsky province 5740x4876 5340659
 General card of the Vologda province 9966x4913 10080090
 General card of the Arkhangelsk province 10235x4928 10278797
 General card of the Perm province 5792x4892 5248202
 General card of the Orenburg province 5784x4866 5015870
 General card of the Tobolsk province 5336x9056 7493900
 General card of Tomsk province 5772x4872 4873413
 General card of the Yenisei province 5311x9419 8439354
 General card of the Omsk region 5760x4880 4640203
 General card of Irkutsk province 5756x4884 5181959
 General card of the Kamchatka district and Kuriles 5740x4884 4747484
 General card of the Yakut area and Ohotsky district 9238x9334 13678490
 General card of Grand duchy Finnish 9385x13372 23316895

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