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Bobylev Peter Aleksandrovich

1IBobylev Peter Aleksandrovich
HAS COME 1/1/1860
Bobylev Petr Aleksandrovich,
мъщ. - small Moving down, 4 (Ц, 1879г)
(From Simanova I.I.'s book "City of Ekaterinburg"-1889 year)
2IIBobylev Alexey Petrovich
Ekaterinburg HAS come 10/5/1892
Sverdlovsk HAS left 10/3/1970
Was born 10/5/1982 of year in Ekaterinburg
The house on Frolov's VISA 77.
Has ended the Ekaterinburg city initial school on August, 30th 1907г.
Worked at cartographical factory as the carver-bookbinder.
3IIIBobylev Nikolay Alekseevich
HAS COME 5/1/1929
4IIIBobylev Alexey Alekseevich
Sverdlovsk HAS come 7/31/1931
Minsk HAS left 4/28/2004
Worked on Minsk munitions factory
5IVBobylev Andrey Alekseevich
HAS COME 6/2/1952
6VBobylev Cyril Adreevich
7VBobylev Andrey Andreevich
8IIIBobyleva Nadezhda Alekseevna
HAS COME 9/7/1937
9IIIBobyleva Vera Alekseevna
HAS COME 6/5/1940
Was born 6/5/1940 of year in Sverdlovsk
The house on Frolov's VISA 77.
10IIBobylev Ivan Petrovich
Alexey Petrovicha's younger brother.
The jeweller.

Permjakov Pavel

1IPermjakov Pavel
HAS COME 2/19/1862
HAS LEFT 2/19/1912
2IIPermjakova Anna Pavlovna
HAS COME 6/2/1905
HAS LEFT 3/25/1948
Maiden name of Permjakova.
The family of Permjakovyh lived street hectare Apalihinsky

Proskurjakov Ivan Vasilevich

1IProskurjakov Ivan Vasilevich
HAS COME 6/18/1883
HAS LEFT 6/18/1933
The son of the rural inhabitant.
The employee, it from the inquiry on the termination of Tourist's Insky mountain school N 137.
With 15.11.1904г. Worked штейгером on Arkhangelsk Theological mountain district. Many places are replaced.
With 1918г. Managing mines in Chusovsky district. It is a lot of movings and all зав.рудником.
In the end there was the technical head of group rudnikovKamensk-Sikorskogo a River At.
It is dismissed in an illness kind.
In 1933г. Has died.
2IIProskurjakov Ivan Ivanovich
HAS COME 7/5/1907
Date of birth 1907г.
Wife Claudia Ivanovna
Stanislav - 1943г. - has died. There was a daughter.
Vladislav 1936г. Two sons. Live in Kachkanar.
Vyacheslav 1939 has died. The daughter.
Lyudmila 02.12.1941г. (Husband Nikolay 15.12.1939г.) - live in the Chelyabinsk area of settlement October.
Sons: Andrey 14.09.63-23.09.93 - Son Vitaly
Sergey 12.02.66г (wife Olga) - Daughter Alain and the son
Valery - has died - at it there was a daughter
3IIProskurjakova Tamara Ivanovna
HAS COME 5/24/1913
Krasnoturinsk was born
Husband Mark Vasilevich - the Ukrainian
Children: Hope - 22. May 1940г. - Hasan the husband Shepherd Anatoly Ivanovich on March, 7th 1936 - the Ukrainian
Children: Olga 16.03.64 (husband Edurad Mihajlovich 11.03.67г.)
Children: Hope 24.11.90г.
Alla of 9/5/1967 Murmansk (husband Hohlov Igor Eduardovich 20.05.1965г.)
Children: Регина 14.10.92
Dmitry 26.07.99
Dyne - 2/16/1943 - Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalin (husband Vikotor Anatolevich Baked 23.12.42г. - Kazakhstan)
Children: Elena - 03.09.63г.-23.11.2003г.
Children: Ilja Aleksandrovich Krivoshein 30.12.1982г.
Evgenie Aleksandrovich 17.01.85г. (Anastas Aleksandrovna's wife
Children Dmitry Evgenevich - 14.11.2004г.
4IIProskurjakova Zoe Ivanovna
HAS COME 5/2/1915
HAS LEFT 7/12/1980
5IIProskurjakova Lydia Ivanovna
HAS COME 4/5/1918
HAS LEFT 10/4/1990
6IIProskurjakova Margarita Ivanovna

Grooms Vasily Semenovich

1IGrooms Vasily Semenovich
HAS COME 2/2/1910
HAS LEFT 5/2/1970
Held a post of the Minister of the Forestry of the Sakhalin region
2IIGrooms Leonid Vasilevich
HAS COME 8/21/1940
HAS LEFT 9/12/2001
Was born on August, 21st, 1940 in Khabarovsk territory, with. Vjazemsky
In 1957 has finished high school in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
In 1962 has finished the Sverdlovsk College of mines on a speciality the mountain engineer.
Labour activity:
1962-1963 - the Foreman on Dolinsky mine of the Sakhalin region.
1963-1975 - Institute of Mining Ekaterinburg.
1975-2001 - Sverdlovsk Institute of a national economy.
Scientific degree:
In 1978 has protected кандитатскую the dissertation. Cand.Tech.Sci.
The marital status:
It is married.
3IIIGrooms Dmitry Leonidovich
HAS COME 12/26/1962
Was born on December, 26th, 1962 in settlement of Bulls of the Sakhalin region.
The kindergarten has finished in 1970.
School has finished in 1980.
The seniority has begun in 1981.
1985 - the Sverdlovsk college of mines on a speciality "Technology and complex mechanisation opened
Workings out of mineral deposits"
Labour activity:
1985-1988гг. - scientific research institute "ҡӫ" - is accepted by the engineer in laboratory буровзрывных works.
1988-1989гг. - the scientific research institute "Mountain and concentrating mechanical engineering" - is accepted by the engineer-programmer in computerisation department.
1989-1991гг. - the computer centre of State Logistics Committee of the USSR - is accepted by the engineer-programmer in department of research works.
1991-1995гг. - СТ "КОМАК" - it is accepted on a post of the deputy director on economy and computer science.
1995-1997гг. - state of emergency of Grooms Д.Л. - working out and sale of computer programs (accounting).
1997-2000гг. - Joint-Stock Company "КОАПП" - the director.
2000-2003гг. - fund "КОАП" - the president.
2003 - the present - Open Company TSNTI "КОАП" - the director.
Special knowledge:
English language.
The marital status:
It is married.
4IIGrooms Victor Vasilevich
HAS COME 2/10/1943
5IIIGrooms Vyacheslav Viktorovich
HAS COME 7/12/1970
6IIIKonjuhova Galina Viktorovna
HAS COME 5/11/1975
7IIGrooms Nikolay Vasilevich
HAS COME 2/5/1947
HAS LEFT 9/12/2004
8IIIKonjuhova Natalia Nikolaevna
9IIIKonjuhova Svetlana Nikolaevna
10IIKonjuhova Margarita Vasilevna

Grishin Ivan Nikolaevich

1IGrishin Ivan Nikolaevich
HAS COME 1/1/1937
2IIGrishin Vladimir Ivanovich
HAS COME 12/31/1958
3IIIGrishin Olga Vladimirovana
4IIIGrishin Sergey Vladimirovich

Mamonov Alexander Nikolaevich

1IMamonov Alexander Nikolaevich
HAS COME 3/31/1965
2IIMamonova Valentina Aleksandrovna

Hapilov Boris

1IHapilov Boris
2IIHapilova Elena Borisovna
3IIIHapilova Irina Jurevna
HAS COME 11/6/1976


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