Program registration

"The family family tree" is not the free program. The right of use of the given program free of charge, but with restriction of quantity of records is given to you.

Becoming the registered user, you:

    1. Receive a personal registration key of the registered user;
    2. Will get free technical support of the program on an e-mail;
    3. You do not pass any news, the concerning program, and will receive all information on an e-mail;
    4. Support the author, giving the chance to it and further to improve the program and to let out new versions;
    5. Will receive new versions FREE OF CHARGE.

That is necessary for registration:

If you wish to become registered user FamilyTree, for this purpose you need to list only to the author payment through one of ways specified in a file sales.htm. The detailed information on registration and its cost is resulted in a file sales.htm from the complete set of delivery FamilyTree.

Not registered copy of the program differs from registered by that on not registered copy of program FamilyTree restriction - no more than 10 records is imposed.

After registration of the program restriction acts in film.

The best regards, Dmitry Konjuhov

Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.


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The Family Tree of Family