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Invaluable acquisition for your family - knowledge of the roots you предки:дворянами or peasants, merchants, petty bourgeoises or soldiers were whoever. A fine gift for the person respecting history of the family - the information on how your patrimonial name was formed, what its historical and cultural roots.
Not any person knows, how call its great-grandmother or the great-grandfather. And all the matter is that at its ancestors was not possibilities or desires to make a family tree. But we with you will be cleverer and we will give to descendants all information necessary to them.
And the program "a family Family tree" will help you with it. Using it, you can issue the information stored in your family archive or memory of your relatives in the form of a family tree or a family album.
The program will remind in advance you of forthcoming Birthday the relative.

The program is intended for preservation of history and construction of a family tree of a family. With its help you will establish the detailed list of members of a family, will add their biographies, a photo and video materials. It is simple and easy in development, has the clear and beautiful interface.

Program functions:

  • Drawing up of the biography of each member of a family;
  • Preservation of history of a family;
  • Construction of a general family tree for all people in the list;
  • Construction of the general family tree on a man's or female line;
  • Construction of a personal genealogical branch;
  • Construction of a tree of nationalities;

  • Drawing up поколенной lists;
  • Drawing up of the general and personal picture album of a family;
  • Drawing up of the general and personal videoarchive of a family;
  • Storage of copies of documents;
  • Reminder on Birthday of members of a family and relatives;
  • The press of a family tree, biographies and photos of members of a family;
  • Preservation of the data in archive;
  • Restoration of the data from archive with function of combination of bases;
  • Export / import GEDCOM.

    Family family tree - the powerful and difficult program on genealogy. Is developed to facilitate for you work to collect, show and organise the information on your family history. The program allows to exchange with relatives the data through function of archiving of the data. The family family tree gives you the tool to keep each bit of the information on history of your family. The intuitive clear user interface allows users even with absence of genealogical experience to start to use the software immediately. Familiarise with the user's guide and it becomes clear to you how to work with the program.

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    The Family Tree of Family