Control panel the house by phone

The panel is intended for management of the house by phone in вкладке "Communication"-> "Panel". For access to the panel it is necessary to enter the password in вкладке "Administrator"-> "General"-> "the panel Password".

Panel work occurs as follows. It is necessary to include the panel (an answering machine in a menu mode) having pressed the button "to Include the access panel by phone". We call by home to phone. The answering machine answers - "Press the button one to leave the vocal message or press the button two to leave a fax". We press button "#" (lattice). It is a signal to the panel that it is necessary to accept the password. Ввводим the password. If the password is entered truly in a tube the signal short hooter will sound. Now the panel is ready to acceptance of commands, these are figures from 1 to 8. I press this or that figure from 1 to 8 we thereby we include or we switch off this or that device through port LPT.

Work with LPT-port

Data on LPT-port is transferred in parallel. It means that for one step one byte while on a serial port for a step one bit is transferred is transferred. As in one byte of eight bits, at us on hand at once eight exits. Initially the LPT-port intended for work with the printer. Here is how its conclusions are used:

  • 1 - the Computer sends a signal to inform the printer on readiness. In the absence of a signal on this exit, the printer will not execute any command from others.
  • 2-9 - Exits on which the data is sent to the printer. They us also interest.
  • 10-17 - Inputs on which the printer informs the condition the paper, for example, has come to an end.
  • 18-25 - the General wire. More often it is connected to the computer case.

    Signals on exits 2-9 - logic 0 or 1. It is necessary for us to change a condition of conclusions separately or together. For this purpose it is necessary to send to port number as follows: to each conclusion there corresponds one bit.

    To include all conclusions, it is necessary to send number 255 to port to switch off all - 0. If it is necessary to give a signal on some conclusions, it is necessary to send the sum of corresponding numbers to port. To send number to port, it is possible to use the elementary Pascal language program:

    program lpttest; 
      writeln (data); 
      readln (data); 
      port [memw [$0040: $0008]: =data; 

    To check up program work, it is possible simply directly to port to connect a light-emitting diode, but to operate more powerful devices, it is necessary to collect the coordination scheme.

    The most simple scheme consists of the transistor and the relay. The relay it is possible to use any - proceeding from pressure of a food. The unique lack of the scheme - at internal short circuit of the transistor pressure of a food can get to port because of what out of operation can leave not only the port controller, but also all system payment.

    This lack is not present in the scheme collected on оптроне.

    It provides a galvanic outcome with port. The scheme is very simple and can operate any devices - all depends on the relay.

    But it is better to refuse in general the relay and to operate home appliances, without leaving because of the computer.

    The device is collected on симисторе. The light-emitting diode signalling about work of the device is included In a chain оптрона. It is necessary to collect a little (to eight) such devices and to place them in one case, for example from the old network filter, having put about each socket a light-emitting diode.

    It not all schemes which can be used. Proceeding from the set requirements, it is possible to collect the device. The main thing - not to burn personal computer LPT-port.


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